Reflexology is a pressure point technique that works on your body’s extremities. The method that I use integrates the hands, feet and ears. I have helped patients suffering from strokes and respiratory diseases as well as others with anxiety, fatigue, and depression. A reflexology therapy session may be just what you need to get back on your feet!

You may be wondering how I have helped my patients. What reflexology does is promote wellness by stimulating the nerves in your body and encouraging the flow of blood. By doing this I can reduce your source of pain and relieve the adverse effects of symptoms. Reflexology is meant to promote wellness and is also a form of preventative therapy.

Reflexology is a well-established,  therapeutic method of relieving pain, anxiety and illness by stimulating specific areas of the hands, feet, and ears. Reflexologists work from maps that show which pressure point connects to which specific organs or muscles. This specialized massage technique is an ancient form of healing. There is evidence in China and Egypt that reflexology was used as early as 2450 B.C. More recently, in the 1890’s reflexology was extensively researched in England, Germany, and Russia.

A 70 minute reflexology treatment covers all areas of reflexology including hands, feet, and ears. A 35 minute treatment touches on just a foot massage or hand massage. Once you come in for several appointments, I can even teach you simple manipulations to help you maintain your health at home.

Choose the treatment best for you and book today.